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“Here’s Foxy, a perky little guy, underfoot, viewing the world around him and interpreting all that he sees, smells, hears, and feels. Foxy at Starbucks. Foxy at the park. Foxy visiting the hospital. Foxy at the vet’s. Foxy being trained–“Sit,” “Stay,” Leave it!”, “Uh Uh!”… the works. Foxy lost in the park. Foxy visiting neighbors and friends. Foxy staying in a hotel. And Foxy watching sadly and a bit bewildered as a beloved human takes ill and passes on.

Foxy is everywhere, trying to figure out what makes us humans tick! His wisdom is unique and healthy, and his commentary on life (both dogs’ and humans’) is entertaining.”   –Literary Dogs

Napa Valley Register:


“I hear the knowing, low pitched voice of Ann Landers with overtones of a new age Gracie Allen” — Florence Ditlow, RN. See more:  Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor


“If I could describe how moving and inspiring and BEAUTIFUL Lenore’s poetry is then I would attempt to write poetry of my own! Lenore owns the poetry space by leading the reader into other countries, politics and her fabulous way of how she looks at the world. Her words are an intimate portrait of how Lenore has lived her life, and what a rich life it is! I can only hope that mine is half as amazing as hers. Maybe that will be the inspiration I need to finally write my first poem.” — Hita