"It’s the sort of book someone of any age will enjoy, from a first-grader to young teen, and even older folks for a quick read. Lenore has done a masterful job of writing it for (with) Foxy. It is obvious that she loves dogs, and especially Foxy.

Here’s Foxy, a perky little guy, underfoot, viewing the world around him and interpreting all that he sees, smells, hears, and feels. Foxy at Starbucks. Foxy at the park. Foxy visiting the hospital. Foxy at the vet’s. Foxy being trained–“Sit,” “Stay,” Leave it!”, “Uh Uh!”… the works. Foxy lost in the park. Foxy visiting neighbors and friends. Foxy staying in a hotel. And Foxy watching sadly and a bit bewildered as a beloved human takes ill and passes on.

Foxy is everywhere, trying to figure out what makes us humans tick! His wisdom is unique and healthy, and his commentary on life (both dogs’ and humans’) is entertaining."   --Literary Dogs


" I was curious on how the author would pull this off -- I mean it's difficult enough to write an entertaining story from the perspective of a human, but in this case it's from the perspective of a dog. But within only a few pages I was in the mind of Foxy and I found myself wanting to better understand a dog's perspective.”  --Tim Carl


"Foxy is a delightful neurotic lost dog whose rescue brightened and enriched his rescuers , who in turn would need his love as much as he needed theirs . It encouraged me to put aside my grief and search for a new friend to rescue.This will be my Christmas gift to friends this year." 

--Virginia Rankins


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