old dog's sweetness

makes my heart swell

ten years of love spilling over

because you're going soon


I hold

each warm moment

each caress of soft fur

each lick of your gentle tongue

in cupped hands like a desert wanderer

savoring the last precious drops of water


adoring eyes melt into

adoring eyes and

just like with the man

who went before

every blissful sip

contains a drop

of pain

Published in And the Beat Goes On, Redwood Writers, 2014



Stalking prey, 

hours pass, 

waiting, looking, waiting, 

hungry for reward. 


Victim appears. 

I choose, commit, 

ready to shoot. 

Eyes meet eyes 

for a heartbeat.


Escape abandoned, 

prey submits, 

destiny fulfilled. 

I am satisfied 

until the next time. 


Weeks later,

prey returns

in stunning photos.